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                Position:Home  》 About Us

                About Us

                Cdtech is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the application of radio frequency communication module and wireless Internet of things series module and product solution. And it founded in 2005, located in Baoan, Shenzhen. Now we have the full RF production line, which including the WIFI module, GPS module, Bluetooth module, ZigBee ect. And we had made strategic cooperation with several well-known brand enterprises in domestic and aboard.

                        Cdtech has passed the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF16949, WCA certification and we have confidence in our quality control system. We always make quality best priority to running our business. 

                        Since the establishment, we keep continous innovation and provide best services to our customers.

                Enterprise culture

                • Core values

                  Respect:Respect the rules, respect others
                  Actively:pioneering and enterprising, engage to innovate
                  Honesty:Be honest
                  Gratitude:Thank the people you need to be grateful for all your life

                • Business philosophy:

                  Openness, Cooperation, Fairness, Challenge, Pragmatism and Innovation

                • Vision:

                  Top brand of Radio Frequency Module in China

                • Mission:

                  Create a wonderful information life

                • Quality policy:

                  Scientific Management, Innovative Products, Satisfactory Service and Common Development

                Development course

                • In 2018

                  brought in more automatic equipments

                • In 2017

                  Import auto-test line and MES System for smart control

                • In 2016

                  started business with well-known Japanese customers and monthly shipment volume over 3KK.

                • In 2015

                  Entering the IOT filed in 2015

                • In 2013

                  Started cooperation with world-class customers in 2013

                • In 2011

                  got national high-tech enterprises certification and expanded RF products line

                • In 2009

                  Moved to Shajing in 2009

                • In 2007

                  Changed the address to Xixiang

                • In 2005

                  Founded in 2005, the company launched the first generation of high-frequency head products.

                External liaison

                Human Resources:hr@cdtech.cn (Mr. Sun)

                Quality Complaint:qa@cdtech.cn (Mr. Zhai)

                Marketing Center:info@cdtech.cn(Miss Shi)

                Contact Us

                B4 Building, Haosan NO.1 Industrial Zone , Nanpu Road ,Xinqiao Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen